Saturday, February 7, 2009

What do you wear with a black sequin mini skirt? I've no answer and hope you can tell me. I sure bought one though. About twenty minutes after being deemed a MILF (by a girlfriend of a girlfriend read: it was a compliment). I bought three skirts today actually. A gray jean mini-skirt and a white past knee length cotton skirt. I want to call it a gauze material. I'm not sure what you call it actually.

I've always understood I like different music than what is expected of me. Me being the young black woman, that is. I mean I'm in to the underground hip hop thing. I think that's semi expected. It doesn't surprise most folks too much. But what would you say if I told you my lover gives me music by the Pixies(he also sends Busdriver and Serengeti), or that "Untouched" by The Veronicas gets me grooving seriously? Today on the radio I heard an old (ouch) Justin Timberlake song with a Neptunes beat circa 2002. I was moving my whole car jammin' to that one! That was SOO hot when it came out. I think people may shake their heads if they know I liked that one. Lately, I'm into what sounds good. So if it's on the radio and I like it, I try not to feel too bad. I am a recently recovered, er, relapsed, music snob. I don't know which end I am. I rather be a purist and only indulge in underground, indie, world and oldies. But some other stuff I like too.

So I have to find a friend a Marc Jacob purse for his girl. Why not something simple like Louis? I know little about Marc Jacob. **Sigh** He wants something small, classy and timeless. I'm thinking quilted? We'll see.


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