My Grown Up Style

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm standing in line at McDonald's with two obviously freshman girls behind me. It's something about the way they dress that gives it away. And yes, they're black girls. Anyhow, one says to the other, "I got to find me some hats like that," talking about the hat that I'm wearing. This is not a unique instance. I am constantly hearing people talk to one another about things I am wearing that they like. Or sometimes the topic is my hair, along the lines of 'that looks cute, but I could never wear my hair like that, or my hair is not good enough for that.' This doesn't annoy me. I appreciate it actually. But it makes me wonder. Back in 2002, I was an undergrad, doing my thing fashion wise, as always. I constantly was told if I'd only relax my hair, I'd be pretty. I got called a "broke down Erykah Badu" and people constantly asked what was up with my hair. I wore afros as a constant. I never looked broke down. Nor did I lack any prettiness. Jealousy, perhaps. But I wonder what the difference is between now and then. I think maybe my confidence exudes these days because Most of the people I am around are undergrads and I am, at long last, a grad student. I have a husband and a child and I could care less what any 18-21 year old, or anyone for that matter, think of the way I dress. Nonetheless, it is cool to know, they all dig my style.


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