No Drama Mama

Saturday, February 7, 2009

People who are around me these days will say one of the things I champion most about myself is that I've no drama in my life. That might be a teensy lie as my drama is of another sort. I am married, 4+ years with a 3 year old boy. My husband and I argue sure, but about dishes and laundry. I had drama yesterday. Baby boy is, for lack of a better term, anal retentive. He hates to poop. He rather do it in his pull up than in the toilet. I do know why, but whatever. Usually, he'll go in his room and close the door thinking he is hiding from us. Last night, we tried sitting on the potty three times. Oh he screamed and fought. So I let him have his pull up back. The fourth time, he ran to the bathroom and I after him. He said, "No Mommy!" and shut the door on me. Fine, I left him. I figured he would poop in his pull up as always and be fine. At least he's in the right room. Two minutes later I hear the toilet flush. I run in to him. His pull up is still on put somehow, there is a thick layer of poop smeared across the bathroom floor with a radius of a foot. Seriously. The wall looked as though it had been attacked by monkeys. And poo was all over the toilet seat. None in the bowl of course. I look at my smiling boy and ask what happened. "There's poo poo everywhere!" Yes. Indeed there was.

Later, after all the poo was gone, my husband and I had a talk. We have the same talk over and over. We've been married over four years and we have definitely become a married couple. We just live. Which is a problem because I am a person who thrives on spontaneity and romance, passion and tingly feelings. We wake, eat, dress, drop our boy at pre-school, and go class. I am a grad student and he is pursuing a second bachelors. In the course of our day I work in an organizational office, do research for a professor and attempt to get school work done. He goes to class and works out. He is an amateur athlete/personal trainer. In the evening, if neither of us are at meetings, we manage dinner, playing with our boy, and homework. Then we sleep and start again. I think I'll meditate my woes away. Reading over this I feel silly complaining. He's a good husband.


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