Friday, March 13, 2009

I hate being ignored. Even if it is with good cause or is not personal. I hate it.

In other news, today I met with a professor and a classmate to discuss a paper we have due on Monday. It proved to be quite fruitful I think. The class is on Bantu Diasporas. Bantu refers specifically to several groups of people across Central Africa who speak languages which have linguistically been linked to one anther. It's about 600 language groups and the overwhelming majority use the term "Bantu" to mean "the people" so that's what it gets called. Anyhow, the paper is on the mode and method of research used thus far to delve into this subject realm. As far as history is concerned, it's a fairly new area of interest. I think I will more so focus on the specific terminology used in research thus far in regards to the people being studied. The overt detachment researchers in the 60's and 70's displayed when speaking of the people is disgustingly horrific. Yet, today we must use their racism laced writings to base our new notions off of. This makes little sense to me. I will propose for a new method and mode of interpreting history from this area beginning with a thorough study of how the people view their own history. This includes the laymen as well as their academics. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

This same professor is also my adviser for my master's studies. Exciting. I am thinking I would like to do my thesis on Capoeira and it's Angola origins or on the thorough assimilation of African slaves into Mexican society, so much so that no realizes they were ever really there. Interesante, no?


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