Future Projecting

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My goals, though several and seemingly scattered are all lining up nicely together. I want to get on this EEOC contract thing my friend is teaching me. There is serious money like I never previously imagined, to be made with this. I also want to live in the Bahamas with my family, get a PhD in Atlanta, and be my happy earthy self, while becoming an angel investor for this up and coming music cat/friend. The idea is to fund him, get him gigs across the world, and go see all, if not most, of those shows. That's what I want to do. But now I see it all. I can do the contract gig now and forever until I tire of it. Still go to Emory and get a fellowship, buy a condo in Atlanta that I live in during the week while teaching/school/whatever/ and fly to Nassau each weekend. It's really not that expensive. We can get our house built right on the in-laws land. Rent the condo out in the summer/ over holidays/ whenever and just be happy. As far as friend, I'll be sure at least 2-3 contracts each month are dedicated entirely to him. That's two- three thousand dollars of charity; Tax deductible. I'm so smart. Hubby can do whatever he pleases for money as it don't matter how much he make really. Oo, and I'll have a garden in Nassau, and fruit trees and we need cold storage, in the ground. Femi can go to school wherever. Maybe by then Hubby's friends can get an Africentric school going, if not, I'll probably school him in ATL because they have many of those to choose from there. I really look forward to my future!


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